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It's Friday..... But Sunday's Coming

S. M. Lockridge, a Texas-born preacher was well-known for his sermon It’s Friday…But Sunday’s Coming! In his classic cadence, he went on for an hour and half contrasting the suffering, pain, and loss of Christ’s death on Friday with the victory, joy, and hope that came as a result of Christ’s resurrection on Sunday.

When we canceled church last Sunday, none of us could have imagined what an overwhelming, nerve-racking, and heart-wrenching week God had in store for all of us.

We have all faced a myriad of emotions-fear, anxiety, sorrow, anger, pity, loss, pain, relief-to the point that many of us are emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted.

This Sunday can’t come soon enough along with the joy, peace, hope, and rest that God intended for His people to experience every “Lord’s Day.” We invite you to join us this Sunday to worship the Lord and celebrate the gospel during our regularly scheduled activities: Equipping Hour at 9:00am and Worship Service at 10:30am.

In light of the staggering needs we are facing in what will be a large-scale, long-term recovery for the Houston area, we want to encourage you to do four things:

1. Bring supplies that we can distribute to the people that need them most. You can drop off your donations in the Conference Room or the foyer of the Activity Center (See list of suggested donations below).
2. Come ready to contribute above and beyond your normal offering as we will be taking a special Benevolent Offering that our Deacons can distribute to those affected by the hurricane.
3. Get in the habit of checking our website periodically to see new ministry opportunities that you can be a part of: http://www.lakesidebiblechurch.org/harveyflood. As the floodwaters recede and we link up with other local churches and relief ministries, there will be tons of ways to volunteer and serve.
4. Pray that God will grant us grace to maximize this unprecedented moment in history to show and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, I encourage you to read the providential morning entry in Spurgeon’s Morning And Evening on August 31. I’m not sure how he knew it would be hurricane season in Houston!


Praising Him In The Storm,
Ken Ramey



bottled water
peanut butter
canned meat/protein
canned fruits and vegetables
canned stews, soups, chilies
dry cereal
easy to open snacks
ready to eat produce if distributed quickly (oranges, apples)
fruit cups
another ready to eat items, pop-top cans preferred


body wash
disposable razors
feminine hygiene items
tooth brushes and toothpaste
new pillows (not used)


baby formula
baby diapers


buckets & mops
paper towels
toilet paper
laundry detergent
rubber gloves
face dust/particle masks