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Believe & Live

September 16, 2012 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: John

Topic: Gospel of John Passage: John 1:1–21:25

John's gospel is the simplest and yet most profound of the Gospels. Unlike Metthew, Mark, and Lunke, John is primarily topical/theological rather than chronological. He draws mainly on events and discourses not found in the first three gospels to prove to his readers that Jesus is God in human form who came from heaven to live and die as a sacrifice for man's sin. This book presents the most powerful proof in all the Bible for the deity of Christ, as well as the most unequivocal purpose of all the Gospels.

John wasn't content to tell people that Jesus is God; his ultimate aim was to have people believe that Jesus is God, so that they may have life - eternal life!

Join Pastor Ramey as he begins this series and ask God to use the Gospel of John to help you see Jesus more clearly and love Him more dearly.

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