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Jesus 101 - Part 2

September 30, 2012 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: John

Topic: Gospel of John Passage: John 1:1–1:18

John 1:1-18

Who is Jesus Christ? This is the most important question that faces man. Indeed, every man's eternal destiny hinges on their response to this question. The entire gospel of John was written to answer this pivotal question.

In the first eighteen verses of his gospel. John provided a basic introduction to who Jesus is and why He came to earth and what our response to Him should and shouldn't be. There are EIGHT TRUTHS about Jesus are repeated again and again throughout John's gospel:

1. Origination - Jesus has always existed (vv. 1-2)

2. Creation - Jesus created everything (v. 3)

3. Illumination - Jesus illuminated the darkness (vv. 4-5)

4. Attestation - Jesus was confirmed by John (vv. 6-8)

5. Rejection - He was rejected by His own (vv. 9-11)

6. Regeneration - He granted salvation to many (vv. 12-13)

7. Incarnation - He embodied God (vv. 14-17)

8. Explanation - He explained God (v. 18)

Thank God for sending His Son to pierce the darkness in your life; to give you meaning and purpose for your life and to guide and direct your life. Pray that God will use our study of the Gospel of john to help others see the light of the gospel in the glorious face of Christ (cf. 2 Corinthians 4:3-6).

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