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Like Father, Like Son

April 21, 2013 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: John

Topic: Diety of Christ Passage: John 5:19–5:47

Sunday Service
John 5:19-47
In this lengthy discourse, the fact that Jesus in the Son of God is unmistakably asserted by His own self-testimony and undeniably confirmed by other corroborating witnesses.
1.  The Unmistakable Assertion of Deity (vv. 19-30)
NOTE:  Jesus takes the witness stand to testify in His own defense and makes four claims that prove He is the Son of God.
A.  He shares God's work and will (vv. 19-20, 30)
B.  He shares God's power to save (vv. 21, 24-26)
C.  He shares God's authority to jusdge (vv. 22, 27-29)
D.  He shares God's honor (v. 23)

2.  The Undeniable Confirmation of Deity (vv. 31-47)
NOTE:  Jesus calls four other witnesses to the stand to testify on His behalf that He is the Son of God.
A.  The Forerunner (vv. 33-35)
B.  The Miraculous Works (v. 36)
C.  The Father Himself (vv. 37-38)
D.  The Scriptures (vv. 39-47)
Thank God for softening your mind and removing the veil from your heart so you could see Jesus for who He claimed to be and receive eternal life by believing in Him (cf. 2 Corinthians 3:14-16; 4:3-6).

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