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A Winsome Woman

May 11, 2014 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: Stand Alone Sermons

Topic: Godly Women Passage: 1 Peter 3:1–3:6

Sunday Service
Mother’s Day

1 Peter 3:1-6

In these six verses, Peter described SIX WAYS TO BECOME A WINSOME WOMAN; that is, a woman who is precious in the sight of God and that God can use to win others to Christ.

Peter is speaking from the context of the persecuted believers, and in Chapter 2 he explains how all of us are to submit to our governing authorities because this is favorable in the eyes of God (1 Peter 2:13). Peter also speaks of Jesus, who entrusted God the Father, even when treated unjustly by the governing authorities. Wives should be like Jesus in that they should submit to their husbands, who are designated by God to be the spiritual authority over them, even though their leadership sometimes fails and even when they are mistreated (1 Peter 2:2).

Wives should live their lives in a pure way - not giving in to impure or immoral requests. They should be chaste and strive for holiness. A wife’s obedience to her husband should be driven by fear and reverence for God (Ephesians 5).

Don’t simply focus on outward appearance, or let external appearance be your primary focus. Rather, dress modestly, as is consistent with godliness and inner good works that are pleasing to God (1Timothy 2:9-10).

A wife’s inner thoughts, motives and attitudes should be directed at cultivating a gentle and quiet spirit that reflects submission to God the Father and emulates Jesus Christ. Moreover, outward appearances diminish over time, so more time should be spent cultivating inner beauty and spiritual character, for the things of the inner being and the heart are eternal (1 Timothy 4:7).

5. TRUST GOD (v. 5)
The women of the Old Testament were great examples, for their trust in God enabled them to have peace through their submission. Submission to one’s husband is ultimately an act of faith in God and what He commands. Therefore, faith should be grounded in the security of your relationship with God the Father.

6. FEAR NOTHING (v. 6)
Peter used Moses’ wife Sarah as a powerful example of a godly, submissive wife. By following her example, you are in essence joining in her spiritual life. Peter recognized that when a wife submits to her husband in a gentle spirit, particularly when she is mistreated, her tendency is to become fearful. But like Jesus, wives should never cease to trust in God because He not only sovereignly brought them together with their husbands in marriage, but He will use the trials to sanctify and grow them in Christ-likeness.

Thank God for the mother and/or wife that He gave you. Ask God to help them grow in godliness and fulfill their duties with a brave and fearless spirit. Pray that God would use your godly behavior to convict others of their sin and convince them of their need for Christ.

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