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Embracing The Ambassador Lifestyle-Pt.1

July 8, 2015 Speaker: Billy Blakey Series: Salt Of The Earth

Topic: Gospel Mission Passage: 2 Corinthians 5:17–5:21

The Salt of The Earth

Embracing The Ambassador Lifestyle

Pastor Billy Blakey continues the series tonight on being Salt and Light. He stresses that our conduct must proceed our witness, but in the end, to share the gospel, we must use words.

1. We need to embrace our Ministry.
We have been given the ministry of reconciliation.
We are all ambassadors for God. Its not what we do but who we are.
We are not the reconciler, but we represent Him and are to introduce others to Him.

2. We need to embrace the Message.
The gospel has the power of God to change lives.
The gospel should always be fresh and new to us.
We should practice and be well versed in the gospel.

3. We need to embrace the Means.
God has chosen us as the means to share the gospel with others.
Be prepared, but remember it’s God who does the saving.

4. We need to embrace the greatness of our ministry.
We receive great joy when we share the gospel.
There is great joy for those whom God saves through our ministry.

Most amazing though, is that we get to bring great joy to Christ when we bring Him souls. What a privilege to be an ambassador for God!

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