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Weatherproof Faith

August 23, 2015 Speaker: Ken Ramey

Topic: Faith Passage: Luke 8:22–25

Sunday Service

Luke 8:22-25

In the story of Jesus calming the storm, there are THREE PRINCIPLES that will help us develop weatherproof faith

1. Realize that storms are a normal, necessary part of our lives (vv. 22-23).
The fact that Jesus slept in the midst of the storm demonstrated that He was indeed fully man as well as fully God. The storm was severe enough that it became life-threatening. However, the journey that the disciples of Jesus were making to cross the Sea of Galilee came at the request of Christ, and so the they did so out of obedience to Him. This should teach us that just because we face trials, it doesn’t mean that our faith should be shaken or destroyed. Instead, we should submit to the trials so that we may grow spiritually from them (James 1:2, 1 Peter 1:6-7). Storms are indeed a necessary part of spiritual growth.

2. Rely on the presence and power of Jesus Christ in our lives (v. 24).
After exhausting all of their earthly attempts to save themselves from calamity amidst the storm, the disciples’ last resort was to wake Jesus and plead for His help. Even though it seemed that Jesus was oblivious to the situation, and that He did not care about the fate of His disciples, He was indeed aware and in control of the entire situation (Psalm 23:4, 121:4; Isaiah 43:1-4). Through His divine power, Jesus instantly removed the storm that threatened to capsize the boat, for nothing was capable of preventing Jesus from accomplishing His divine mission to bring forth salvation.

3. Remember that God is in control of everything in our lives (v. 25).
This should give us comfort as we endure trials and storms. When we rely fully on His presence in our lives and His power during the trials, we can be sure that He will bring us through, just as He brought His disciples to the other side of the sea amidst the storm (Psalm 107). The same God that controls the earth and weather, is in control of situations that mark trials in our lives (John 1:3; Colossians 1:16; Hebrews 1:2).

Thank God that He is in control of everything in your life, including the stormy trials that inevitably hit you from time to time. Ask Him to help you trust Him whenever you are being beaten and battered by the storms of life. Pray that He will continue to build up and strengthen your faith and use you to point unbelievers you know who are facing difficult trials in their lives to place their faith in Jesus Christ.