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The Word That Changed The World

September 20, 2015 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: John

Topic: Victory Passage: John 19:13–19:13

Sunday Service

John 19:30

“Tetelestai!” No single word has ever been spoken that has had more far-reaching ramifications or made a more life-changing impact on our world than Christ’s final victory cry from the cross (i.e., “It is finished!”). This triumphant declaration was the turning point in history. The following SEVEN THINGS were completed, accomplished, fulfilled, or finished by Christ during His time here on earth:

1. The horrific sufferings of Christ had ended.

2. The ancient prophecies of Christ had been fulfilled.

3. The ceremonial laws had been abolished.

4. The righteous demands of the law had been obeyed.

5. The terrible wrath of God had been satisfied.

6. The evil power of Satan, death, and hell had been conquered.

7. The eternal salvation of Christ’s flock had been secured.

Tetelestai is what sets Christianity apart from every other religion on earth. It’s all about what God did to make salvation possible for men, rather than the things men do in their efforts to merit salvation. The work that Christ did to satisfy the will of the Father was sufficient to pay for all of the sins of men against a holy God. Beyond faith in this atoning work of Christ, nothing more is required of men, and no works of men can ever be sufficient to pay such a debt.

Praise God that all your sins, past, present, and future have been paid in full by the blood of His Son Jesus Christ. Thank Him for all He did to save you and ask Him to use you to help others replace their works-based religion with a faith-based relationship with Jesus Christ.

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