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Set Apart In A Secular Society

January 17, 2016 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: Daniel

Topic: Gospel Witness Passage: Daniel 1:3–1:21

In this passage, there are FOUR ENCOURAGEMENTS to live a courageous, uncompromising life that should motivate all of us to not compromise no matter the cost so that God can use us to impact the pagan culture in which we live for His glory.

1. God allows us to be in conditions of compromise (vv. 1-7)
God does this because He uses all things for His sovereign plans. He places us in conditions of compromise so that we may be salt and light to a pagan world. As for Daniel, the world we live in offers arrangements of assimilation, assurance of advancement, absence of accountability, and fosters an attitude of apathy. It is in these kinds of places that God’s light shines brightest.

2. God grants us the courage to not compromise (v. 8)
God granted Daniel the resolve to abstain from the king’s food. He was given the courage to avoid compromise and remain set apart from others so that he would not defile himself. His desire was to avoid the idolatrous pagan customs that would diminish his uniqueness.

3. God honors our commitment to not compromise (v. 9-16)
God sovereignly provided Daniel with a way of escape from the compromising situation. He provided for his nourishment and health and caused those in authority to look favorably upon Daniel and his friends (Proverbs 21:1, 16:7). Daniel placed his dependence on God and God was faithful to provide for his protection.

4. God uses us when we don’t compromise (vv. 17-21)
God uses us when we do not compromise so that He will be honored and glorified (Daniel 2:47, 3:26, 4:34, 6:26). God uses Daniel even today, through the pages of scripture so that He may continue be honored and glorified.

Thank God for sovereignly surrounding you with compromising situations every day so you can take a stand for biblical truth and make an impact on those around you. Ask God to grant you the courage not to compromise and to honor your commitment not to compromise by bringing others to Christ through your example of a transformed life.

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