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Sleepless In Babylon

January 24, 2016 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: Daniel

Topic: Bible Prophecy Passage: Daniel 2:1–2:23

In this passage, we see the stark contrast between how people in the world and the people of God respond to the uncertainty of the future. The purpose of biblical prophecy is to provide peace and assurance that while things seem to be out of control, there is no need to worry because God is completely in control of everything. We know where the whole world is headed and that this world is not our home; we are ultimately citizens of heaven and our real ruler is the God of heaven.

1. The king was perturbed (v. 1)
The king did not have peace. He had all that a man could ever desire, but eventually discovered that those things could not bring the lasting peace of the Lord. This peace can only be realized when God is lord over your life.

2. The wise men were pressured (vv. 2-13)
On this occasion, the king demanded for the wise men to declare to him his dream prior to giving their interpretation. This was to ensure an accurate interpretation. This seemingly impossible task caused great anxiety for the wise men because it likely meant death if they failed. Daniel spoke prophetically on behalf of the one true God, therefore falsehood and innacuracy was not possible.

3. The servants of God prayed (vv. 14-23)
The servants of God knew Who was sovereignly in control. Daniel had great faith, and this faith gave him the courage needed to approach the king and deliver the details of his dream and its interpretation. Daniel’s faith was backed by much prayer to the God of heaven.

4. The future was predicted (vv. 24-45)
The reason that Daniel was able to interpret the king’s dream and predict the future through the king’s dream was because he spoke according to God’s sovereign will and prayed that God’s will would be done. God used Daniel to disclose the plans He had for His people.

5. The God of heaven was praised (vv. 46-47)
Daniel worshiped God through his prayers. This was glorifying to God, for it gave high praise to the God of heaven. Daniel took no credit for understanding the king’s dream and its meaning, but gave all of the glory to God.

6. The servants of God were promoted (vv. 48-49)

Praise God for His wisdom and power. Thank Him for the peace and hope that comes from knowing He has widely ordained everything that will happen and He is sovereignly orchestrating the events of the nations and the details of your life. Ask Him to help you worship Him and not worry.

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