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The Just Judge - Part 4

February 11, 2018 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: Romans

Topic: Attributes of God Passage: Romans 2:1–2:16

Sunday Service The Just Judge - Part 2 Romans 2:1-16 Most people live their lives knowing that they will stand before God someday and give an account of their life and be judged accordingly. What that judgement day will actually be like is uncertain to many, but we all constantly try to convince ourselves that everything is going to turn out okay. A few wishfully but wrongly presume that God is too loving to send anyone to hell; after all, it is His job to forgive sin. But the more common assumption by which we try to justify our sinful words and actions is that God is like a big-hearted teacher who after everyone in the class fails realizes the test was too hard and decides to grade it on a curve so everyone passes. In that case, you hope that your score wasn't the lowest because the more people who did worse than you the better you will make out in the end. So we go through life comparing ourselves to other people we know, especially those who appear to be worse sinners than we are. And we find false confidence in the thought that because we aren't as bad as they are, we will somehow escape God's judgement. Granted, none of us are as bad as we could be but we are all bad enough to deserve God's judgement. Here in this passage, Paul explained FOUR STANDARDS by which God will impartially judge all of us. 1. God's judgement is based on knowledge (vv. 1-5) 2. God's judgement is based on deeds (vv. 6-11) 3. God's judgement is based on truth (vv. 12-15) 4. God's judgement is based on motives (v. 16) Thank God that based on what Jesus did for you on the cross, no one can bring any accusation against you. Ask Him to cause you to be purely motivated in all you do; namely, that you would do everything for His glory and by His power. Ask Him to help you faithfully share the gospel with others by clearly explaining how sinful people are delivered from God's wrath rather than simply being delivered from loneliness, unhappiness, fear, guilt, or any other felt need.

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