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The Law Of Faith

April 29, 2018 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: Romans

Topic: Salvation Passage: Romans 3:27–3:31

Sunday Service


The Law Of Faith

Romans 3:27-31


THEME:  After providing the clearest, most concentrated summary of the essential doctrine of justification by faith alone in the previous verses (vv. 21-26), Paul anticipated a fresh series of questions or objections from his readers, particularly the Jewish ones. As we have learned from earlier chapters, from time to time Paul would act as if he were carrying on a debate with an imaginary opponent (e.g., impersonating a heckler in the crowd). Paul knew some would naturally take issue with his teaching on justification by faith alone; that is, they would have a hard time accepting the fact that we contribute nothing to our salvation. In verses 27-31, Paul used a question and answer format to clarify THREE OBVIOUS IMPLICATIONS of God’s wise and wonderful “faith alone in Christ alone” plan of salvation.


1. Justification by faith alone eliminates pride (vv. 27-28)


2. Justification by faith alone equalizes all men  (vv. 29-30)


3. Justification by faith alone establishes God’s law (v. 31)


Thank God for graciously including you in His wise and wonderful “faith alone in Christ alone” plan of salvation. Ask Him to forgive you for any racial prejudices you may have toward others. Ask Him to help you to boast in nothing but the cross of Christ and to obey the commands of Christ out of love for Him.

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