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The Beginning Of The End: An Introduction To Eschatology

June 3, 2018 Speaker: Kyle Jenison Series: Your Kingdom Come

Topic: Eschatology Passage: Matthew 6:10

Sunday Service


The Beginning of the End: An Introduction to Eschatology

Matthew 6:10


THEME:  This summer we are going to be learning about Eschatology, the biblical topic of the End Times. This 12-part series has been titled, “Your Kingdom Come: Longing and Living for Christ’s Return” because our understanding of what God has taught us in the Scriptures about eschatology must lead us to long and to live differently. Eschatology is as interesting as it is challenging to understand, but one thing is crystal clear - that Jesus wants us to live ready for His return. In Matthew 67:10, Jesus teaches His disciples to pray that the kingdom of God would come to the earth as it is in heaven, so we will seek the Lord to learn to long and to live for Christ’s appearing. To begin our End Times series, we ask THREE CRUCIAL QUESTIONS to get started:


1. What?  The meaning of Eschatology


2. How?   The method of Eschatology


3. Why?   The motivations of Eschatology

    a.  It reminds us that God is sovereign.

    b.  It reminds us that God is good.

    c.  It motivates us to holy living.

    d.  It helps us to establish proper priorities.

    e.  It gives us hope.


Spend some time reading over Scriptures that contain end times prophecy (2 Peter 3:10-13; 1 Thessalonians 5:2-6; 1 Peter 1:13 and 4:7; Matthew 25:19-21; Luke 12:42-44 and 19:12, 13; James 5:7, 8; 1 Timothy :13, 14; and Revelation 19-22) and ask that God would help you to long and live for the return of Christ.

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