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The Return Of The King: The Second Coming Of Christ

July 22, 2018 Speaker: Kris Stire Series: Your Kingdom Come

Topic: Eschatology

Sunday Service

The Return Of The King: The Second Coming Of Christ

Selected Scriptures


THEME: During the rapture, Christ comes back to rescue the church from the coming tribulation. When Christ comes back to earth the second time, it is to bring judgment so that He might restore His righteous kingdom. This morning, we will look at the events of Christ's second coming, which serves as a transition point from the present evil age to the righteous kingdom of Christ. This is a future event where Christ returns to the earth and it is characterized by both judgment and restoration. We will examine FIVE ASPECTS of Christ's second coming:


Key Texts:  Zechariah 14:1-15; Matthew 24:15-31; Luke 21:25-28; Revelation 19:11-20:6


I. The Certainty of Christ's Coming

II. The Nature of Christ's Coming

III. The Signs Preceding Christ's Coming (The Rapture has NO Signs)

IV. The Results of Christ's Coming

V. The Admonitions in Light of Christ's Coming


Read 1 Peter 4:7. How has the reality that we could be living in end times, close to the return of Christ changed the way you pray and live your life? Would you characterize your faith as "serious" for Christ? If not, why not?

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