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Are You One of God's Kids?

June 30, 2019 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: Romans

Topic: Eternal Security Passage: Romans 8


One of the most staggering truths God reveals to us in His Word is that before the world began, based solely on His love, kindness, and grace, He sovereignly chose to adopt rebellious, hell-bound sinners like you and me so we could be His beloved children and be in line to receive an unimaginable inheritance in heaven. There are presumptuous people who assume they are a child of God but they are not and there are timorous people who assume they are not a child of God but they are. Well, this passage is for either group of people because in these four verses Paul explained how we can know for sure whether or not we are one of God’s kids. Here are FIVE MARKS of a true child of God or FIVE WAYS to know for sure that you are truly saved.

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