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Jubilation Amid Tribulation

March 22, 2015 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: John

Topic: Trials Passage: John 16:16–16:33

Sunday Service

John 16:16-33

In His closing words of the Upper Room Discourse, Jesus explained THREE REASONS to remain joyful and peaceful no matter what happens to you in life.

The disciples we unclear about what Jesus meant when He said that they would not ‘see Him’ and then He would ‘see’ them after a little while longer (John 14:18). Jesus knew that He had to leave His disciples before God could send them the Holy Spirit (John 15:26, 16:7-13). Jesus was referring to the fact that He would ascend to God the Father after His death, but then His disciples would receive the Holy Spirit to indwell in them. So, Jesus’ absence would only be temporary because He would then return to them in the form of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:18).

Jesus was describing the longer view of His return on the day of Pentecost in the person of the Holy Spirit. This would be the day that their eyes would be opened so that they would be able to understand the things that had happened. After Jesus left, He wanted His disciples to know that they could have direct access to God the Father. This privilege is reserved only for those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (John 14:6; Romans 8:34). Moreover, God loves those who love His son, and when we invoke Jesus’ name, we acknowledge His lordship over our lives. We also acknowledge that His lordship was earned when He died a sacrificial death to accomplish the Father’s will.

The disciples began to understand Jesus’s power when He told them what their thoughts were and what was about to happen during His arrest. Jesus was forsaken by the Father during the hour of His death, but through His death, He insured that we would never be forsaken or left alone by God. Jesus overcame the world for His disciples and for us, and because of this, we can have peace in the midst of trial (Revelation 3:21).

NOTE: If you know and love Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, these are three things that no one or nothing can ever rob, steal, or take away from you. Therefore, no matter what is going on in your life or in this world, you can rejoice and relax.

Thank God for making you more than a conqueror through your faith in His Son Jesus Christ. Ask Him to help you rejoice and relax no matter what happens to you in this world and to remember that someday you will inherit eternal life and be victoriously seated with Him on His throne in heaven.

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