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We exist to glorify God by proclaiming and living the truth of His Word
so people come to know Jesus Christ and grow to be like Him.

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This past week, the first deaths related to Covid-19 were recorded for Montgomery County. Hospitals across several US cities are working overtime to care for their patients. Medical workers are being recognized as heroes for their sacrificial service. And while recovery numbers increase, the spread of the Coronavirus continues across Amer...Read More

In light of the current, global pandemic, it’s important for us to realize that not all concern is sinful. My hope is that this article will challenge us to foster the right kind of concern and motivate the right kind of action. To accomplish this, let’s begin by examining how the Bible talks about worry....Read More

Before Jesus endured such prayers as would turn sweat to blood, before He was abandoned by His disciples, before He endured the many humiliations and beatings on the way to the cross, and faced the full weight of God’s wrath to atone for sin culminating with the cry ““MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?”, Jesus sang hymns....Read More