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Together For The Gospel: Joyfully Partnering In The Cause Of Christ

October 23, 2016 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: Philippians

Topic: Gospel Mission Passage: Philippians 1:1–1:2

The book of Philippians is typically referred to as “the epistle of joy” because of the many references Paul makes to joy and rejoicing. But there is a more subtle, underlying theme that is much deeper and richer and serves as the well out of which the joy that Paul talks about so much flows. Paul’s joy was based on his partnership with the Philippians in the work of the gospel, God had sovereignly brought him and the believers in Philippi together to form a heroic fellowship that was mutually committed to the epic purpose of spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth. After all, the gospel is great news of great joy for everyone. The gospel produces great joy in us, which in turn promotes how great the gospel is to unbelievers. When we experience genuine, deep-down joy, despite our circumstances in life, that makes Christianity contagious. Others see our joy and want what we have. Every church in every generation has the joy and privilege of sharing Paul’s struggle in the cause of the gospel. The advancement of the gospel is what should connect us, consume us, and compel us as a church. We gather with the Philippians in the work of the gospel is weaved throughout the letter and is alluded to in his opening introduction to the letter.

Praise and thank God for saving you and giving you the joy and privilege of partnering with others in the cause of Christ. Ask Him to help your unwavering joy in Christ make the gospel sparkle and shine and give you opportunities to tell others how Christ can change their lives.

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