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The Masculine Mandate

September 13, 2020 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: Stand Alone Sermons

Topic: Leadership Passage: 1 Timothy 2:8–3:13

One of the essentials of a strong, healthy church is godly leadership. Every church is a direct reflection of its leadership. As the leaders go so the church goes; and if men are called to be the leaders in the church, then we could also conclude that as the men go so the church goes. Consequently, it is fair to say that there is no more important ministry in the church than the men’s ministry. That’s not to take anything away from other ministries of the church, but no other ministry serves/benefits the entire church more than the men’s ministry because God ordained men to play the leading role in the life of the church. The clearest, most comprehensive text in the New Testament about the role of men in the church is found in Paul’s first letter to Timothy. His clear instruction about male leadership is intertwined with what he taught about how women are to act in church. What he wrote in vv. 11-15 can be divided into FIVE SECTIONS

  1. THE EXHORTATION (v. 11)
  2. THE RESTRICTION (v. 12)
  3. THE FOUNDATION (v. 13)
  5. THE CONSOLATION (v. 15) 


James 1:22 says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” These questions are designed to help you apply today’s message to your life. We encourage you to thoughtfully answer these questions and discuss your answers with others. For more information about joining a Grow Group that uses these questions as the basis for weekly discussion, prayer, and accountability, please call the church office at (936) 582-1977. 

  1. Why do you think the role of men and women in the church is such a controversial topic among Christians today? Have you ever gotten into a heated debate with someone about this issue?
  2. Describe the difference between what an egalitarian and a complementarian believes regarding the role of men and women. Based on your convictions, which category do you fit into? Why?    
  3. Read 2 Timothy 2:2. What is the clear command God gave to every pastor in this verse? How are you participating in the biblical mandate for training and equipping men (i.e. attending, praying, supporting, encouraging, etc.)?
  4. Read 1 Corinthians 11:3. How does the functional hierarchy of the Trinity provide evidence that women can be submissive to men while remaining equal to men?
  5. Read Genesis 3:1-16. How did Adam and Eve reverse their God-given roles in the garden? What happens when men and women reverse roles in the home and in the church? Are you aware of any role reversals in your home or church? What can you do to restore God’s original design?
  6. Men, how engaged are you in the lives of your wife and children and in the life of the church? How can you improve in your sacred role as the spiritual leader in your home and in our church?
  7. Praise and thank God for His wisdom in designing men and women to live and work together in perfect harmony. Ask Him to forgive you for usurping authority or for neglecting responsibility. Ask God to grow and mature the men in our church so that their marriages and families will be strengthened and the church as a whole will be stronger and healthier. 

“Men do not hold a higher standing before God but they are held to a higher standard by God. They have been given the great privilege and responsibility to be the spiritual leaders in their homes and in their church. God will hold them accountable someday as to how faithful they were in fulfilling this sacred role in the lives of their wives and children and in the lives of their fellow church members.”

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