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The Forefather Of Faith - Pt. 1

May 6, 2018 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: Romans

Topic: Faith Passage: Romans 4:1–25

Sunday Service


The Forefather Of Faith - Part 1

Romans 4:1-25


THEME:  It is impossible to understand the point of the Bible, namely God’s incredible plan of salvation, without understanding the story of Abraham. Abraham is one of the most well-known biblical characters, mainly because of the significant role he played in the drama of redemption. The Jews in Paul’s day revered Abraham as their great patriarch and considered him the most righteous man who ever lived. As the founding father of the Jewish nation, in their minds, he was the ultimate example of a godly man who was acceptable to the Lord based on how he lived his life. From their perspective , their was no better illustration than Abraham that a person is justified by works. But from Paul’s perspective, Abraham’s life demonstrated the exact opposite, that a person is justified by faith apart from works. And here in Romans 4, Paul, like the brilliant attorney that he was, used the Jews’ star witness against them to prove that justification is by faith not by works. He presented FOUR FACTS regarding how Abraham was justified or made right with God to prove that the only way anyone can be saved is by faith alone in Christ alone.


1. Abraham was not justified by works (vv. 1-8)


2. Abraham was not justified by circumcision (vv. 9-12)


3. Abraham was not justified by the Law (vv. 13-17)


4. Abraham was not the only one justified by faith (vv. 18-25)


Thank God that through Abraham’s faith the blessings He promised to Him have come to you. Ask Him to forgive you for your lack of faith. Ask Him to increase your faith and to help you be more faithful to obey His commands and to tell others how they can experience the joy of knowing they are right with God simply through faith alone in the work of Christ alone.

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