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Slaughtering Sin (Part 2)

May 12, 2019 Speaker: Ken Ramey Series: Romans

Topic: Sanctification Passage: Romans 8:12–8:13


Anyone who has a passion to live will do anything it takes not to die. When it comes to battling against the deadly effects of sin in our lives, the Bible says we should be willing to cut off our hand or gouge out our eye if they cause us to sin. Obviously, this was intended to be figurative, but it does reveal how ruthlessly and radically God expects us to deal with sin. God broke the power of sin over us by killing His Son Jesus in our place, but He has called us to kill the indwelling, ongoing sin that remains in our lives by the power of His Spirit. This is known as mortification, which refers to our duty to kill sin before it kills us. There are TWELVE WAYS to mortify sin in your life.

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